Is there a maximum video length?
Yes, we have a maximum 10-minute video length. Contact us if you need a longer run time.

Is there a minimum video length?
Not really. We can give you a 1-second animation if that is what your project needs. This will still count as one Request.

What is a "Request"?
We break the animation process down into "Requests". 1 Request = 1 minute of animation (or less). Requests usually take 48 hours or less to deliver.

What is included in a Request?

  • Animated Characters

  • Backgrounds

  • Male voice over

  • Basic lip sync

  • Brand logos / colors / fonts / photos (provided by client)

  • Music

  • SFX

  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) @ 30 fps

  • Orientation choice (horizontal / vertical / square)

What are Request Extras?

  • Script writing

  • Motion graphics

  • Animated logo

  • Photo animation

  • Photo cleanup

  • Custom animation

  • Custom illustration

  • Transcription

What is NOT included in your service?

We do not provide the following:

  • Source files

  • 4K resolution (unless on our 4K Monthly Plan)

  • Female voice overs

  • Anything other than 30 fps (frames per second)

  • Phone, Slack or Zoom call support

Is there a limit to how many Requests I can have?

Once subscribed, you're able to add as many animation requests to your 'On-Deck' queue as you'd like. They will be delivered one-by-one when added to the 'Current Request' column.

How fast will I receive my animations?

On average, most 1-minute animations (or shorter) are completed within 48 hours. However, more complex requests can take longer. We provide daily communications on the progress of your current Request through our Project Board.

Who are the animators?

Boost Animations is a company of one, which means you will be working and communicating directly with me on all projects. My name is Patrick Davidson and I am the owner / operator of Boost Animations.

What if Patrick gets sick?

If I get sick, I will pause all active subscribers. I will also notify subscribers of the situation and when I expect to be able to resume services. Subscribers will be notified once services resume.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. You also have the option to pause your subscription.

How does the pause feature work?

Maybe you do not have enough animation work to fill up an entire month. Or maybe you get sick or go on vacation. That's where pausing your subscription can help. Billing cycles are based on a 31-day period. Let's say you sign up and use the service for 14 days, and then decide to pause your subscription. This means that the billing cycle will be paused and you'll have 17 days of service remaining to be used anytime in the future. You can control pausing and cancelation of your plan with our 'Client Login' located at the top right corner of our website.

How do I request an animation?

Boost Animations provides Subscribers with our Project Questionnaires. These short online forms help get new animated projects off to a running start before it appears in your Project Board. Once in your Project Board, you can organize all of your Projects at any time to prioritize what is your active Project.

What is the difference between a "Project" and a "Request"?

Projects are what we call each individual animation video project. Requests are the phases of production to get your Project complete. It is possible to complete an animation with only one Request. We use additional Requests for revisions until the Project is approved by the Client.

What if I only have a single request?

That's fine. You can pause your subscription when finished and return when you have additional animation needs. There's no need to let the remainder of your subscription go to waste.

What if I don't like the animation?

Not a problem! Just use your Project Board (in Trello) to give your notes to us, and they become the next Request. Note, each Request can take up to 48 hours.

How do I give notes on a video?

We use the service to make the revision process as smooth as possible.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

Due to the amount of time and skill that goes into making animated content, partial refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have a tutorial of your process?

Yes, you can watch this video to get a better idea of how to work with us: